Programs and Services

Passover celebrationOffering Support During Life’s Challenges 

CASE MANAGEMENT We contract a part-time social worker to assist with intake for clients that have specific requests, ranging from housing, financial assistance or income support, access to benefits programs for low-income families, employment referrals and more. 

HOLIDAY SUPPORT Four times a year we either hand deliver holiday gift packages or mail grocery cards to individuals and families who are isolated from the community due to illness, financial difficulties or personal crises.  We send these holiday gifts so that they can gain access to the specialty items needed to celebrate the Jewish holidays and to connect with members of the Victoria community. This year, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we delivered Passover Seder meals to many of our JFSVI clients thanks to the generosity of Chabad of Vancouver Island.

Helping Families Get Back to the True Meaning of the Holidays

Poverty comes in many forms. It is the grandfather, alone, and frail, mourning the loss of his wife. It is the single mother living on disability with two hungry children, gripping their mother’s hands anxiously at the Food bank. It is the Holocaust survivor of crimes past, stuck in a moment in time, asking another country for recompence. It is the immigrant seeking a better life who struggles to find a decent place to live. Although you may not hear their names spoken aloud, their identities hidden for sake of dignity and privacy, the one thing they all have in common is these are the people that come to Jewish Family Services of Vancouver Island. Read Feature Story

FOOD SUPPORT JFSVI provides monthly Food subsidies for low-income individuals and families on Vancouver Island, and also delivers grocery gift packages and holiday grocery cards several times a year. We also participate in the Light of Shabbat program delivering food in gift packages every two weeks. 

DISCOUNTS Throughout the year, JFSVI provides courtesy tickets to its clients and others in need so that money is not a barrier to participating in Community cultural events. We are thankful to the Victoria Jewish Film Festival, Kolot Mayim Reform Congregation, Congregation Emmanuel and the Jewish Community Centre of Victoria for providing movie tickets, Passover Community Seder tickets, music events and theatre tickets for the enjoyment of everyone. 

HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR FUNDING We work with several Holocaust survivors across Vancouver Island that are given compensation money from Germany. The “Cummings” program is administered by a Jewish Family Services volunteer. This program can be very challenging to administer as everything has to be documented and pre-approved. Often the survivors have residual effects from their traumas during the Holocaust that need the attention and assistance of the JFSVI social worker and the Cummings caseworker. 

 OUTREACH Our volunteers make regular house calls and phone calls to seniors and others in the community to reduce social isolation. We are currently partnering with Chabad of Vancouver Island to deliver”Light of Shabbat” gift boxes every two weeks to JFS clients in the greater Victoria area.

REFERRALS AND RESOURCES We provide referral services for a wide range of critical service agencies, including: counseling services, law services, employment coaching, government agencies, and more. On our website, you will also find a list of community resources for a range of life issues. Click here for resources.