Housing Initiative

Jewish Family Services is seeking solutions for members of the community who find themselves in urgent need of affordable accommodation. In recent months we have received an exponential increase in requests from people who either have been forced to leave their lodging or are new to Victoria and are priced out of the market. The combination of low vacancy and exorbitantly high prices – compared to other cities – has created a very difficult situation for many. Of those coming to us, most have the kind of incomes which would not be a barrier to housing in other cities.

As such, we are looking for alternatives. Among the ideas proposed are:

  • linking people who own homes and seek companionship and/or help around the house with people looking for a room or basement suite to rent;
  • linking individuals to shared apartment living situations. Halving the price of a two-bedroom apartment can be far less expensive than renting a studio;
  • bringing people together in shared-housing situations. There are a lot of empty homes in Victoria or homes which the owner might like to rent to supplement the mortgage. Three or four people might be able to live in a house

We are in the process of making a database and creating a community survey to find out the various housing needs in the community. We would also like to develop an online compatibility data base to match people so that shared accommodations would be more successful. Thus we ask anyone who has a room or suite to rent, anyone who is looking for a room or suite, anyone who wants to have someone else around the house to help out, anyone looking for a roommate or shared housing arrangement to contact us at reachout@jfsvi.ca or 250.704.2744