Jewish Family Services


COVID-19 Emergency Relief Program – Jewish Family Services of Vancouver Island (JFSVI)

This program is intended to assist people connected to the Jewish Community who are experiencing financial challenges due to COVID-19. The intent is to provide applicants with assistance as soon as possible, recognizing the need is immediate.

  • This is an emergency fund to supplement food purchases and some medications. This assistance is temporary and will be reviewed on a monthly basis depending on the need and available resources in the community.
  • Initial assistance can be in the form of a cheque or e-transfer, but subsequent assistance will be through gift cards from community grocery stores. This aligns with the practice Jewish Family Services has historically used.
  • A basic Intake Form is required. Applicants will require a referral from a Jewish community member.

Financial assistance will be determined in discussion between the applicant and a committee member of JFSVI. The intake form and any consequent discussion will be kept in the strictest confidence.*

*The COVID-19 Emergency Relief Program has been suspended until further notice. If you require assistance please fill in the intake form or contact us and a volunteer will get back you shortly.

Covid-19 Emergency Support

Community Support

 Pandemic Community Resources

The Free Hebrew Loan Association: 

has established a special emergency loan program for individuals who have been impacted by the Coronavirus Pandemic:
Please click here for more information.

Shabbat Challahs

Cobs Bread on Shelbourne St. in Victoria, is a supporter of Jewish Family Services of Vancouver Island  and donates Challah  and other pastries and breads to JFSVI.  Mention “Jewish Family Services,” before paying for your own order and Cobs Bread will donate 5% of your total purchases to JFSVI.

We are honoured to manage Claims Conference grants to assist Holocaust survivors in our community. For information on the Claims Conference, go to or click the image below


We are thankful for the continuing generosity of the Mazon Canada Food program.

Special thanks to the Victoria Foundation for its support.